Done with the Rockies? Here are possible new teams to root for.

Well it happened: the Rockies gave Nolan Arenado, and 50 MILLION DOLLARS to the St. Louis Cardinals for mid level prospects. Leaving many fans thinking about why they even care to keep rooting for this constant bottom dweller at Coors Field. Many fans plan to boycott games, but some fans have decided to pick a new team, and that is completely fine. You, as a fan, don’t owe the Rockies any loyalty when they have not shown the fans any effort toward building a contender for the World Series. If you are one of those angry fans and want to maybe take a short break until GM Jeff Bridich is gone here are some alternative teams you can root for.

St. Louis Cardinals

The first team I would recommend is the team that got Arenado. Whose trade request was not due to him disliking Colorado and the fans; it was because he was fed up with the front office that failed miserably to build a competitive team around, instead making a plethora of bad signings. Arenado was smart getting out when he did, and maybe you too are fed up with the Roxs so maybe follow Nolan to St. Louis and root for the Cards for a little while you cool off from the anger the Rockies have caused. The Cards, unlike the Rockies, are competitive. they win a lot, and they also have a great ballpark. The Cardinals have a great pitching staff led by ace Jake Flaherty that really could fly their way into the World Series. As an addition to that the Cardinals really never struggle, they have made the playoffs in seven of the past ten years. Plus they keep their all time franchise greats on the team like Yadier Molina, and Adam Wainwright and they got pretty nice uniforms.

New York Yankees

Just like the Cardinals the Yankees are led by a former Rockie in DJ LeMahieu. LeMahieu left the Rockies after the 2018 playoff season because Rockies leadership believed that top prospect second basemen Breden Rodgers would be able to replace him. Rockies leadership has been initially wrong on that prediction. Since 2019, when compared with LeMahieu, Rodgers has put up a worse batting average, OPS, and Rodgers has been struck with the injury bug since he stepped on the field. While Lemahieu has become a MVP candidate. In addition to LeMahieu, the Yankees lineup is filled with home run hitters who if they stay healthy could easily push them and their solid pitching to the World Series. Also the Yankees were one of the first franchises to wear pinstripes, something the Rockies used for their uniforms since they started in 1993. So if you like pinstripes, they are a more successful club who wear them.

San Diego Padres

This is the fun choice as the Padres have built a powerhouse at Petco Park led by Fernando Tatis Jr. who just signed a 14 year contract. Tatis who slugged 17 home runs in the shortened 2020 season has become the likely future face of the entire MLB. In addition the Padres have built a pitching staff that included former Cleveland star Mike Clevinger, Former Cubs star Yu Darvish, former Rays pitcher Blake Snell, and homegrown starter Chris Paddack. Also when thinking about the offense, there's a reason they are called “Slam Diego” with sluggers including Manny Machado, Will Meyers, and several more there's a real reason that the Padres may just be for real. Oh and every game against the defending World Series champs Dodgers will be an absolute blast. It’s gonna be fun except for when they stop by 20th and Blake.

Albuquerque Isotopes

I know this one may be a strange suggestion but why don’t you take a break from the MLB for a year and follow along with the MILB. Located in the nearby state of New Mexico the Isotopes roster is filled with many future Rockies who will get a chance to play at Coors in a couple of years. Watching the Isotopes could be fun over the next several years as some of the Rockies best prospects will begin to play as Isotopes. Right now is not great for Albuquerque, who are direct affiliates of the Rockies as the team has few highly ranked prospects. But as the Rockies begin to retool through the draft, the team whose name is inspired by the Simpsons will soon be full of prospects. However like the Rockies, the Isotopes have never won a division title while being a Rockies affiliate.

Who shouldn't I root for?

1. LA Dodgers

No explanation, just never, never root for the Dodgers.

2. Kansas City Royals

They have Wade Davis, a Rockies fan should just stay away.

Now I know the Rockies are in a bleak place, but I just want to say that even though you may dislike the leadership going on at Coors, you can still support the players. Support Trevor Story while you can, root for the emergence of Brenden Rodgers, or just watch one of the best pitching staffs the Rockies have put together. So if you can't leave this team that is not a bad thing, I can’t either, but one day years from now, maybe the Roxs will successfully handle their relationship with a superstar. So far in spring training several players including Austin Gomber, Brenden Rodgers, and minor league outfielder Jameson Hannah have all shown flashes. So hopefully the Rockies will find a way to provide excitement to the fans who stick with them including me. While they may not win the World Series, I do think the players will play hard every game and they will lose less than the predicted 100 games!

Thanks for reading and hopefully the Rockies can surprise us this year.