Colorado Mask Mandate

The Covid-19 disease was discovered and has been a growing problem since late 2019, along with restrictions that started at the start of 2020. It has affected everyone's life tremendously up until now. It’s changed how people interact with each other, it affected what people do for fun, and has affected plans made, etc. Each continent, country, state, and county are all in different stages of this pandemic, meaning everywhere in this world has different guidelines and rulings regarding this sickness. As the US stands in global rankings dependent on cases, we’re in the means compared to the rest of the world, meaning although the U.S is average in cases, the country is still affected and has to be resolved. Colorado individually though, is ranked

Governor Jared Polis adjusts his mask in a 2020 October press conference regarding Colorado citizens safety against Covid-19. Photo Courtesy : The Denver Post

pretty low in US rankings for COVID cases. This evidently means that Colorado should have less strict guidelines compared to the rest of the US... At least that’s what the citizens thought. Colorado guidelines have changed pretty frequently, not truly giving citizens valid information and rulings for the future. The process of Colorado’s mask mandation laws has been all over the place in the year of 2021 so far, so this is the breakdown. In the early months of 2021, the first statewide mask order was still in effect, until the midst of March-April when Governor Jared Polis announced that the mask mandate will be lifted in upcoming months. More specifically, on April 2nd, Governor Polis released counties under 35 Covid-19 cases per week, per 100,000 people from the guidelines. Then on April 16th, Governor Polis changed the state's way of mandating and managing restrictions, and put individual counties in charge of creating their own rules. Yet with an unpredictable disease like Covid-19, cases tend to spike and drop pretty frequently due to mandations being followed and guidelines being pursued, meaning orders and guidelines can change at any moment. Those patterns led to the updated executive order taken place on May 2nd, 2021. This order still requires mask mandate laws, but with specific rules including removal of masks in public areas with proof of vaccination between 80% of the individuals in that space and the guidelines only applying to specific locations including schools, child care, health care settings, personal services like hairdressers or manicurists and public areas in government buildings. This executive order shows improvements and change in the guidelines, and that's all people can hope for. As long as the world sees improvements, individuals should be at ease with this situation that has affected our lives greatly. Looking at the past events regarding Colorado’s orders of law, Covid-19 cases, and our guidelines in public, we’re in the looks of improving slowly, but surely. As long as cases stay low, the laws are proceeding to be mandated and followed, and people are continuing to stay healthy, the world is getting closer to living life how we used to.

Story By : Dillon Herman 22’