Coffee vs Energy Drinks

Everyday most of us need a kick of energy throughout the day to keep us running. Some people do things such as cold showers, go for morning exercises or eat energy filled snacks like apples, but most people rely on caffeine to give them their daily boost of energy. There's all kinds of caffeine filled drinks and snacks, but the two biggest are coffee and energy drinks.

Coffee was discovered in the 15th century in Yemen. They would brew the coffee beans similar to how we do it today. Coffee was usually the main source of caffeine for many centuries until 1985 when energy drinks were discovered. The first energy drink was introduced called “Jolt Cola”. The usual can of Jolt Cola had 190mg of caffeine which is equivalent to two cups of coffee. Energy drinks usually have more caffeine per cup compared to coffee. It depends on how much caffeine you want to consume before choosing between the two. Coffee is always a safe choice if you want a small kick of energy as it usually doesn't have calories or too much sugar that causes you to crash or your heart to race. Energy drinks on the other hand usually are filled with sugar, flavoring, color and tons of caffeine. Energy drinks give a much higher outcome of energy, but at the cost of crashing. Most energy drinks are full of calories and sugar which can cause crashing as the caffeine wears off. Coffee doesn't have this issue as it does not contain calories or sugar on its own.

If you're deciding which drink to choose it's also important to decide the flavor, texture (smoothness or carbonated) and how it'll affect you throughout the day. Coffee usually tastes the same depending on flavors you add such as vanilla, caramel or just cream and sugar. The taste of coffee is original and doesn't get old, it is also very smooth and has a relaxing texture. The usual cup of coffee has 95mg of Caffeine. Coffee also has a major issue on it becoming highly addictive. Energy drinks however can have loud and fruity flavors with carbonation. “Bang Energy” has flavors such as “Rainbow Unicorn”, “Birthday Cake” and “Bangster Berry” for example. Energy drinks are good if you're looking for a very unique and exotic taste.Energy drinks can have 180mg all the way to 300mg of Caffeine. Coffee is perfect for waking you up without having to worry about being “jittery” or hyper throughout the day. Energy drinks on the other hand can cause your heart to race, cause jitters, anxiety and keep you up all day.

Comparing the two they have similar attributes to each other but at the same time are very different. Coffee is always a good choice for daily use where energy drinks are usually desired for long days or all nighters. It depends on what you prefer with taste and how it affects you.