Club Sports vs. School Teams

Many kids will try new things in high school and sports are usually the first. A club team is often for people who are more serious about a certain sport, and want to go further than just playing a season. Club teams are also a lot more expensive and players are often dedicated to their sport. School is more for fun than competitive unlike club. School usually is more laid back and less expensive. Friends usually also get their friends to join so they can do an activity together.

School teams are not as intense cheaper and allow more play time for players, at least for freshman, sophomore, and JV teams. The coaches are usually teachers or work around school, and they also don't get paid as much. Usually they are not as experienced and do it for fun, like most of the players. Varsity is more similar to club teams and are either kids who play club or older kids like juniors or seniors. School teams are also to represent a school or university so it is important to perform well to show off for their school and to promote that their school has a good athletic program. It can also get them scholarships to help pay for college and get them into a college or University for cheaper.

Club teams are a way more competitive way to play a sport or do an activity in a more serious way not just trying out the sport. Someone who plays club is usually more serious about the sport or activity as club is a lot more expensive than a school team. A club team also typically travels further for games than a school team that plays other school fifteen to thirty minutes away. Club teams will play other club teams that are much further away sometimes in different states. Club teams are also usually better because people are committed to the sport or activity because their parents pay a lot for them to do what they like. Club teams practice a lot harder for several hours at a time to prepare for season games and tournaments.

Overall, I think both school and club teams are good for different things and different people depending on their skill level and commitment to the sport or activity. School temas are a great way to start to test the sport and to figure out if you like the sport. If you do like the sport and want to play on a more serious competitive level, you might want to try out club for a year or two and see if you like it. Club can be stressful with all of the work and effort you have to put in, but can also be very fun,and you can meet new people and have fun doing what you like. All in all I think both ways are a great way to get out of the house, have some fun and get some exercise all at the same time.

Photo and Story by Brenden Iglesias

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