Cheap Travels!

Traveling is a way to escape from all your problems but sometimes can result in more stress: from traveling dates, to booking hotel rooms, to everything in between, the cost adds up quickly. One way to get one's money's worth is by using common traveling apps such as Hopper, Google, and Orbitz. By checking these apps constantly months ahead of time of your travel date, it'll guarantee getting the best deals available. Hopper has a unique feature that will let you save a travel date and will let one know if they should book now or wait for better prices. It’ll send reminders if prices have dropped or have risen. This helps the traveler know when to book or if there will be better deals in the future. Also this app has a calendar in three or four colors green dates being cheapest, light yellow being more expensive than green but not as expensive as Orange, and Red being the most expensive pieces, this helps represent different prices ranges from lowest prices to the highest. This show’s the most expensive times to travel vs cheapest times to travel. This way customers can tell when the best times to travel are. They also have features for booking hotel rooms anywhere in the world. With these two having airfare and hotel rooms booking in the same app it is easy to keep track of cheap airfare and hotel rooms. Google is another amazing source to find deals by having an easy access to view what the price is on each day of the year and have the cheapest days in green and the rest in gray. A lot of companies actually use Goggles search base for their customers to go view, such as Hopper. Along with cheap ways to find airfare, airbnb is a convenient way to find cheap hostels and houses to rent out around the world. Airbnb has grown dramatically over the past five years. From offering more than 2.5 million host all over the world customers are granted to find a place fitting there liking and price range. It offers features where one can select what type of place and features that they want to come along with the stay. From offering places to pools in Florida, to having a ocean side view in Greece it's easy to find the perfect fit. Along with amazing places to stay they have a price setting where one can pick the most comfortable price option for them. With all these options and new apps out there booking cheap travel plans has gotten so much easier.

Story by Imane Rafik

Photo Courtesy of Imane Rafik