Chaparral Wish Week 2021

The magic, happiness, and dedication of the Chap Family to go #AllInForTwo

Chaparral’s annual wish week went down April 2-9 and as a school we raised over $80,000 dollars for Emma and Chelsea. We went #allinfortwo during the week dressing up, going out to eat, competing in online gaming, and raising money for both of these girls.

Pictures of the two wonderful girls that we did all this for!

Emma Nielson

Meet Emma May Nielson, our beautiful Wish Kid of 2021! Emma loves running and spending time outdoors. Her wish is to get a camper which she did thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Chap Family! Along with her three siblings and parents, Emma is going to have so much fun in the beautiful nature that Colorado has to offer. Unicorns are Emma’s favorite animal along with the beautiful color pink. Thanks to her beautiful, kind, and loving spirit, Emma brought light and color to Chap’s hallways. Chap Family, our amazing spirit got Emma and her family the wish of a camper! We really went #AllInForTwo and did everything #ForEmma and #ForChelsea.

Chelsea Craver

Chelsea Craver, our awesome Wish Kid from 2020, loves roller skating. On her Instagram @cjska8, she posts wonderful roller skating trick videos. She beat cancer and had the wish of going to Hawaii. She has a dog, an older brother, amazing friends, and the support and love of the Chap Family. Thanks to our hard work and dedication, Chelsea now gets to roller skate by the beach, tan in the sun, learn how to surf, and watch beautiful sunsets in Hawaii, which is called paradise on Earth. Out of the two colors, Chelsea’s color was the aqua/teal. She loves mermaids and is so spunky, creative, and loving.

We kicked off the week with an opening ceremony during third where students got the opportunity to contribute through the miracle bucket and meet this year’s wish kids. Throughout the week students participated in spirit days to show their support for the girls. Monday the students wore their hats and donated a dollar, Tuesday students wore teal- Chelsea’s favorite color, “Wednesday we wear pink” to show off Emma’s favorite color, Thursday we decked out in our beach gear, and Friday we went all in with our wish week shirts that many students donated $15 for to show the support of the girls. Chap continued to raise money through restaurant nights, a portion of the spendings from these places went towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant wishes. The restaurants ranged from local places such as Golden Flame and Mici’s to chains like Chick-Fil-A and Noodles & Company that all contributed to the earnings of Chap. Quarantined and online students went in #foremma and #forchelsea throughout the week we celebrated these girl’s strength and helped them get to their goal for their wishes. Chap ended the week with a closing parade down the homecoming route to show the girls the last bit of Chap fam. Check out amazing photos on Instagram on @chapwishweek and @chapcriernews.

As a school we ended up granting 10 wishes for Make-A-Wish Colorado allowing 10 families to get their child’s wish. We spent the week showing both Emma and Chelsea just how Chap goes #allinfortwo. Let’s keep it up Chap and go support Legend’s Wish Kid, Reed, by going to the restaurants or donating. Let’s #getrowdie4reed.

Story By: Elena Hernandez, '21, and Joey Jung '23