Chap Students' Favorite Form of School

Over the last two school years, Chaparral students have had to go through many different types of school. For the most of the 2019-2020 school year, school was normal and all in-person. Towards the end of the second semester, COVID sent students home. The last couple months of the year were all online, and very unorganized due to the short preparation time. This current school year brought upon another form of schooling: hybrid. With all of these different types of learning, many students prefer certain methods instead of others. Personally, my favorite type of school is in-person, but I decided to ask Chaparral students what their favorite type of school is.

Out of the twenty-six Chaparral students interviewed, sixteen of them preferred in-person learning, seven preferred online learning, and only three preferred hybrid learning. Many of the arguments for people who liked in-person learning were similar: they liked interacting with people. Jack Westerberg, whose favorite form of learning was in-person, said that “it’s easier to stay focused and on top of work. It’s also nice having in person interaction. Many students

also said that they disliked hybrid learning due to its inconsistency. While talking about online and hybrid learning, Brody Sprinkle said “there’s no structure and I just sit at home all day.” During this school year, we started with hybrid, then went online, and are now back to hybrid. This has led to teachers and students often not completely knowing what is going to happen, and with so much always changing it is hard to get into a groove. Some students also criticized the learning system of hybrid and online learning, like Cole McNamee, who said “the teaching element was pretty much removed, and I think that the most important part of school is the learning process not just getting work assigned and doing it. It has no benefit for the students like that.”

Some students still make the argument for why they think online or hybrid learning is better than in-person learning. Molly Ermisch said that she preferred online learning “because it’s more laid back and not as stressful, especially with this year.” This goes along with the argument of the students who preferred in-person learning in that they all want consistency. This is likely why so many students liked in-person or online learning rather than hybrid. Some students, like Patrick Hogan, also made the point that with in-person and hybrid learning “you can get quarantined and then have to stay home.” For this reason, online learning is the safest option out of the three because there is no social interaction and nobody has to worry about catching COVID. One of the few arguments in favor of hybrid learning came from James Lawrence who said that “online and in-person learning are really boring and repetitive.” Although this is true, it seems that most students still prefer the repetitiveness of in-person and online school because it is far more structured than hybrid.

Overall, the responses were relatively close to what I had expected. I thought there would be more students who preferred online and hybrid learning because they are generally easier in my opinion, but I did expect for in-person to be the most popular. Hopefully school will return to full in-person soon so Chaparral students can get what they want.

- Ryan Loomer, 2022