Big Changes Coming

Changes are coming to Chaparral and the DCSD school district

So far at Chaparral High School, there have been many changes during the 2021-2022 school year with masks, dances, students, teachers and staff. Many teachers cannot find subs because of the Covid and quarantine protocols. It is harder to get substitute teachers into classrooms as well. Since the pandemic some substitute teachers are worried about going into a classroom because of the pandemic. In October, there was a staffing shortage and DCSD volunteers came in and helped with serving kids lunch at Rocky Heights middle school This issue has continued for a couple of months now. A big change this year at Chap was with masks. Students have the choice to wear them or not. At the beginning of the school year students didn’t have to wear a face mask, and then towards September students were required to wear a face mask again. In December, was when DCSD allowed students to choose if they wanted to wear a face mask or not. Half of students wear a mask and don’t wear a mask. The covid outbreaks from October-January have skyrocketed. In October there was a 126 seven day average of people getting affected of Covid

and in January there is a 1,037 seven day average of covid cases. In Douglas County, if we are affected we still have to quarantine. The isolation plan is to be isolated for 5 days, stay home and away from others, and after 5 days with no symptoms you can return to school if tested negative you can return to school if the person was just “exposed”. Students that have to be isolated will not be penalized for missing class. DCSD added this rule for all classrooms during the board meetings during 2021. Also at DCSD you do not nee

d to be vaccinated to not wear a mask or attend school. At the end of the day door knobs, desk, door handles, and more will all be disinfected. Air purifiers were added to classrooms at the beginning of 2022. Air purifiers are used to remove harmful bacteria in enclosed rooms. Having the air purifiers in the classroom will help with the bacteria in the air. This will hopefully help with the covid cases at Chaparral. The DCSD school board started to add these to help with the disinfection of the classrooms, hoping to get all the bacteria out of the air. Another issue that was caused by covid was the sadies dance that was supposed to be held January 22nd. With the bigger outbreak of Covid happening and all the new variants we don’t know if it will be held on a later date or not. School field trips came back during the 2021-2022 school year. Last year, there were no field trips at all but now DCSD has granted us to go back on field trips. The field trip protocols are the same as DCSD guidelines or the bus companies rules and flight rules. Athletics and Activities students this year have been able to go to all the sports games football, volleyball, hockey, swimming, basketball, and many more. DCSD and CHSAA are in charge of this. Big events are being held like the crosstown throw down, championship football game at broncos stadium, fans at games. Foreign exchange students resumed during the 2021-2022 school year. We can now have foreign exchange students come to Chap as we had before Covid. Some come from Spain, China, and many more places. This is a cool change because we get to have new people view what the Chap family is really about and what outside of country schools are like. They get to meet new people and learn a different language when coming to Colorado. So looking into the changes of the 2021 and 2022 school year changes, there have been a lot. Good and bad, but as a community and a school everything feels like it is going back to normal. We are starting to get the full attendance of the school, assemblies are back to normal, and all the events that are partaking at school.

Story By : Nikolas Roberts ‘ 22