Bengals Vs. Refs

On Sunday February 13th, 2022 the Cincinnati Bengals took on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI or (56). The Bengals ended up losing with a final score of 20-23. Some of the Bengals players and many fans believe the game wasn’t fair, and said it was essentially Referees VS Bengals. It is hard to justify considering the game was decently close, and the Bengals had a lead for most of the game.

Every large game will have controversies and every game will have slight advantages and slight disadvantages. Fanbase Vs. Fanbase. The Rams being the home field at their own home field. Some similar games with controversies as well. Super Bowl XL has gone down as one of the most

Helmets of the opposing teams

controversial games because of similar calls by the referees. The Steelers won 21-10, they did not have more possessions, more first downs. Seattle had many many penalties called on them while the steelers had none.

The reason behind the controversy is a few calls by the referees that the Bengals did not agree with. Most plays in the Super Bowl go to New York, which is the headquarters of the calls. Seven officials are watching the game along with hundreds of skilled players along with coaching and staff. Lastly 65,000 people were at the Super Bowl, all those people shine plenty of sets of eyes on the play.

What can be done after a questionable play is called? Coaches can challenge plays and referees will meet up and discuss. In this case the referees mentioned they didn’t see anything that raised enough attention to call a fifteen yard face mask call. Referees can be downgraded and can possibly not be able to referee playoff

Possible controversial call on a pass play

games, and if they receive enough downgrades it is possible for them to get fired.

By: Andrew Janeczek 22'