Avalanche Record Breakers Or Record fakers

Avalanche are taking the league by storm; will they break more records?

Avalanche have been an outstanding team to watch this year. They came to win ever since the season started. The eventually came to 15 win month of January. Their goalies have played terrific to lead them to the top of the power rankings, along with the most wins in the league

Avalanche bruising their opponents

With a record of 35-9-4, the Colorado Avalanche were set to play the Boston Bruins. They faced off on a Wednesday night 1/26/2022 . The Avalanche found themselves down 3-1 late in the third period. Nathan Mackinnon was badly injured early in the game Avalanche were struggling in the first period after losing Mackinnon. They eventually fell apart to f The Avs were able to score 2 quick goals, including one by Gabriel Landeskog, to fall to a 3-1 deficit. They eventually got their momentum back to tie the game 3-3.

They eventually won the game in overtime 4-3 with a goal from Cale Makar. The Avalanche are close to setting many records this season and have been blowing by numerous

teams. They have the best record in the NHL with 32 wins and 8 losses, 2 of which being overtime losses. With the

Nathan Mackinnon Shooting on win over the Sabres, they tied their

Net in Colorado Ball Arena courtesy of they tied their franchise record in most

The Athletic.com Justin Bourne win over the Sabres, they tied their

franchise record in most consecutive

wins in a row. They are closing in on the

record set by Pittsburgh Penguins.

They are seeded 5th all time in that

category. They also have their 15th victory

in January which ties all time for most wins

in a month.

What has caused this massive surge?

Nathan Mackinnon has had a great season so far with 34 assists and 9 goals. Their goalies have exploded this year with great numbers; Darcy Kemper has 2.58 goals against average and a .915 save percentage. Pavel Francoz has done very well too with a .927 save percentage and 2.29 goals against average. He also has a very good record with 7 wins and 1 loss. They are a quick explosive offense with 177 goals scored which is 2nd in the NHL, and 125 goals let up which is 14th in the league.

They have the best record in the NHL and the most points in the league with 61 points. They have 7 players who have 30 or more points in Nazem Kadri, Nathan Mackinnon, Andre Burkokavsky, Devon Toews, Mikko Rantenan, Gabriel Landeskog, and Cale Makar. They have many players on this team that can score goals,

get points and win games. They

Darcy Kuemper Making saves in Net courtesy of have also shown they can win

The Hockey Writers Marko Zlomislic without their star players They

are 5-1 without Nathan without

their star Mackinnon. This

This shows that they have hav a

well developed team where all

lines players can score.

Avalanche lost

The Avalanche eventually lost on February 1st vs the Arizona Coyotes. It was a tough loss in a shootout win for Arizona. Darcy Keumper had 22 saves on 24 shots with 2 goals against and a .917 save percentage. Mikko Rantanen and Nazem Kadri both had a goal. This was their first loss without Nathan Mackinnon. With this loss the Avalanche most consecutive home wins in a season was broken. They were not able to break the record for most wins in a calendar month, bu, they did tie the record with a 15-0-1 record.

They tied the record for a franchise most wins in a row with 10. Even with the loss, they are on the top of the power rankings with Panthers and Hurricanes right behind them. Avalanche can still break the record of most wins in a row set by the penguins because they are a really strong team and they got very

Colorado Avalanche playing the Arizona Coyotes close this season. Most wins in a

in their shootout loss in Ball Arena on February calendar month If they keep up they

1st courtesy of NHL.com Parmele Callie definite chance of beating the record.