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Many of the students at Chaparral don’t have any idea what the building next to us is. That campus is the Arapahoe Community College (ACC). Some of the students here that take advanced classes go over to the ACC campus to take their class.

Besides Parker, there are two other locations, Littleton and Castle Rock. A community college is a local college and a cheaper alternative. ACC is a two year college course where you could get an Associates degree. This college prepares its students to enter the workforce. Thirty Five percent of the students that attend transfer to a four year college after their two years at ACC. They have small class sizes, usually averaging up to 18 students to a class. They have online courses and hybrid courses which integrates online learning and face to face interaction. ACC offers 45 degrees, in the categories of arts, science, general studies, and applied science. College isn’t required and some people don’t go. The different levels of degrees are dependent on the college. State universities have higher degrees than community colleges but at a far cheaper price and closer locations. The cost for ACC is 3,334 instate, and out-of-state $13,052 (2015–16). The in-state cost is much cheaper compared to many state universities which could cost $9970 for a state resident and $25,620 for an out of state student. Other states have community colleges and most of the intention is to get a smaller degree or to transfer to a different college. Rachael Myers, a student and employee at ACC Parker said, “The most common degree students take is criminal justice or business, Chap students don’t often come up for anything but testing. Most teachers can teach a small amount of students in the classroom.’’ Some teachers teach in regular classrooms such as Stacey Zarn who teaches College algebra in 412L and Ap calc in 409U. Many students attend this college as a local option because they don’t want to leave their home and attend an out of state college.

Arapahoe Community College is a great college for those who can’t afford or can’t get in to a big state university. It is a very cheap college to attend where it is possible to get an Associates degree or transfer to a four year state university for a better degree.

Story by: Dylan Waite, Dillon Herman, and Andrew Janeczek

Photo by: Dylan Waite, Dillon Herman, and Andrew Janeczek

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