A "Wise" Move

Just a few weeks after the controversial firing of Douglas County superintendent Corey Wise, Jefferson County leapt on the opportunity and offered Wise a job. Corey will finish this semester and school year off in a temporary position as a community superintendent for the district. Wise was fired back in April when the newly founded “Kids First” school majority board chose to fire Wise without cause. This led to a loud uproar in the Douglas County community, and especially in Parker, as Wise was

once an assistant principal at

Ponderosa and here at Chaparral in the early 2000s and then the Principal for Legend High School for seven years, before ultimately making the move to the top. The firing sparked many breakouts from school walkouts to parents and even students expressing their sadness to the school board. “Last I checked… firing Corey Wise was not on the ballot. This decision should not and all future board decisions should not be made on the assumption that the people who voted for you agree with your opinion.” expressed one user on Twitter. This, along with the protests had shown the immense imprint Corey Wise had left on all Douglas County Schools, and residents of the district. Attorneys representing Wise filed an open record request and gave notice to the school district to preserve evidence related to his firing by the new majority on the district’s school board. Due to the case being ongoing, it is unsure how the verdict will stand; however, the community is in large agreement that Wise was fired.

Jefferson County, the second-largest school district in Colorado, just behind Denver Public Schools, ultimately decided to let Corey into their lives with open arms, offering him a temporary job as a community superintendent, a job that was most recently made vacant when the previous was recently named as the Chief of Schools. “We are fortunate to have an experienced le

ader joining the team to provide support to our schools and principals during a time of transition,” exclaimed spokeswomen Maggie Wells in a statement. Jeff-co believes Corey has the experience to lead an already thriving school district.

On the other hand, Douglas County, not so much. The firing of Wise also led to greater problems that many of the board members didn’t expect. More than 75% of teachers had called out of work the day after Wise was fired without cause in order to protest. Substitute teacher numbers are on a fall and the district is willing to hire anyone. “The feeling of uncertainty as a student in the district worries me more than anything. Being a senior, I have the ability to leave here within this year, however, I am worried for the future of the district and school as a whole” Senior Nate Baller expressed when asked. It is expected that the district will be sued for upwards of $250,000 to Corey Wise as a result of the firing, giving the district even more problems.

As the semester ends and Corey either continues the current job or is given a new one, it is no doubt that Douglas County will miss him and his leadership. Corey has been a steple of this district for 25 years and will continue to make impact in the lives of everyone.