3 Mass Shootings In United States on Easter Weekend; 2 in South Carolina and 1 in Pittsburgh

Authorities in South Carolina are investigating a shooting at a nightclub early Sunday, Easter Weekend, that wounded at least nine people. It was the second mass shooting in the state and the third in the nation during Easter weekend. Another shooting erupted at the Columbia Centre Mall, about 90 miles north of the nightclub. Nine people were shot, and five other people sustained injuries while trying to flee the scene at the mall, Columbia Police Chief W.H. Holbrook said Saturday. The victims’ ages ranged from 15 to 73. None faced life-threatening injuries. “We don’t believe this was random,” Holbrook said. “We believe they knew each other and something led to the gunfire.” One person was arrested in the mall shooting, and his name is Jewayne M. Price. He is just one of three people initially detained by law enforcement as a person of interest. Price’s attorney, Todd Rutherford, told news outlets that his client did fire a gun at the mall, but in self-defense. Rutherford said Price faces a charge of unlawfully carrying a pistol because he legally owns his gun but does not have a permit to carry a weapon. The Columbia police stated on Twitter that a judge agreed Sunday to let Price leave jail on a $25,000 surety bond. Price is to be on house arrest with an ankle monitor, police said. “It was unprovoked by him. He called the police, turned himself in, turned over the firearm that was used in this, and gave a statement to the Columbia Police Department,” Rutherford said, according to WMBF-TV. “That is why he got a $25,000 bond.” Police said the judge is allowing Price to travel from home to work during certain hours each day. Price is prohibited from contacting any of the victims and anyone else involved in the shooting.

In Pittsburgh, two teenage boys were killed and eight other people were wounded after gunfire erupted at a party in a short-term rental home about 12:30 am on Sunday. Police said equipment that detects gunfire had prompted officers to go to an address on Suismon Street where at least 10 people had been shot.

At least 50 gunshots were fired in the home in question by multiple people who had gotten into some sort of fight, police said. Although authorities did not immediately announce any arrests, Pittsburgh police chief, Scott Schubert, stated that his officers were “going to do everything [they] can to get those responsible”.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Schubert said in an afternoon news conference, “We’re sick about it”. The short-term rental provider Airbnb issued a statement saying the person who had rented the home had now been banned from using the service for life.

The violence in Pittsburgh and South Carolina also occurred after two other high-profile shootings elsewhere in the US. One shooting in downtown Sacramento on 3 April left six dead and 12 injured. The other shooting occurred on Tuesday, and left 10 shot on a New York City subway.

Story By: Hannah Trollope '22